BuildToExpress Mentoring

BuildToExpress Mentoring offers children a unique

way to explore their thoughts and feelings through

hands-on building. The process of creating with

LEGO® along with discussion and reflection enables

the child to develop a better understanding of how

they are feeling.

Children can use the LEGO® to build models that show their understanding of situations and gives them a different way of expressing themselves. They can demonstrate how they ‘see’ themselves or others through a visible model. This process can give a fascinating insight into where a child places themselves in a certain situation and can encourage them to see the situation from another perspective. Constructing something external to themselves can allow them to look and learn from it easier.

The LEGO® bricks in the BuildToExpress set have been carefully selected to give a wide range of ‘ready-made metaphors’. The bricks, colours and figures inspire children and promote their imagination and creative thinking. Additionally, children are usually already familiar with LEGO®. This creates an ideal environment for discussion and reflection.

A typical session usually lasts for 40 minutes and is best run in an environment where the child is most comfortable. Most children benefit from between 4-6 sessions, usually taking place every week.

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